Laura and Dennis W. Parents of a STEP Participant

“Our son Jonah, nineteen years old and diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome, has been a participant in STEPS for just over a year. The program offered by Community Options has already provided him  with essential vocational support  and, for us, hope that he’ll achieve a level of independence that we’d almost given up on.

Jonah has attended a public high school that offered a Transitions Program but we were quite discouraged with both his progress and the level of attention offered to him. We found STEPS through discussions with other special education parents and quickly began the I.E.P. adaption and enrollment process. Our son has skills but little motivation or attention, and his frustration can sometimes expresses itself in behavioral problems. We held our breath through the first few weeks. But, in a shorter time than we imagined would be possible, he started working hard, achieving the precisely-measured goals detailed in the weekly progress reports, and feeling great pride in his accomplishments.

We’ve been particularly impressed with STEP’s ability to differentiate needs among Jonah’s fellow students and craft job placements where he is both successful and learning.  We were so gratified at his last I.E.P. meeting to hear from Meghan Hunter, Director of Transition Services, that STEP anticipated that Jonah eventually would be able to transition to a real job.

We’re still early in this process. But the presence of STEP in our community provides our son with his best shot at success and fulfillment in the workplace. We don’t know what we’d do without this wonderful program.”


Laura and Dennis W.
Lawrenceville, NJ
Parents of a STEP Participant