Parents of a STEP Participant

“We would like to provide some overall feedback and appreciation to the STEP team regarding our son’s STEP experience, so other individuals can also benefit from this program.

Our son started participating in STEP during the summer (ESY) program when he was 20 years old. Based on this experience, we determined this was the right program for him, so we modified his IEP to allow him to continue in the program full time for his last school year.

He has now been in program for over three years, and has made tremendous progress in communicating and developing social and professional skills. He really enjoys participating in STEP, and always look forward to interacting with people during his daily activities.

STEP provides Job sampling that are appropriate for our son’ aptitudes and the job coaches provide needed training and support allowing him to continue to improve and gain self-confidence and self-esteem in a variety of jobs and locations.

We have developed trust and confidence in the STEP team members, including Job Coaches, Employment Services, Transition services and other support staff. They are always pro-actively communicating and keeping us well informed regarding schedule or staff changes, potential job opportunities, relevant agencies and community activities, and so on. In addition, we timely received detailed progress reports every week, so we are aware of the progress made, things to improve, any issues, and objectives for the upcoming weeks.

We are confident that the STEP Team will continue to identify and pursue potential employment opportunities for our son, eventually leading to a suitable position for him.”

Kind Regards,

Parents of Current STEP Participant